Element ∴ Air/Ether 

Symbol ∴ Evil Eye ~ Protection


The hand-etching on these earrings are inspired by North African Amazigh symbols depicted in woven carpets and tapestries. Traditionally, women would weave their own version of the Evil Eye & other protective symbols into their craft. Keeping these handmade crafts in the home infused it with the Baraka or “blessings” of these hidden symbols. 


These earrings feature a stylized version of the Evil Eye, which provides protection. Combined with the diamond shape, they offer protection and blessings, particularly for fertility & new life.


The Amulet Pyramid Earrings are in stock. 

Measures 4.4 cm wide x 4.4 cm tall / 1.7 inches wide x 1.7 inches tall.

Weigh approximately 11.5 grams or 0.41 ounces total.

Includes sterling silver earring backs. 



For questions please email info@ttribe.shop 

Moroccan Diamonds

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